A FinTech fund for community banks by community banks

Managed by Latitude38 Venture Partners

Our Mission

The Bankers Helping Bankers Fund's (BHB Fund) mission is to generate top quartile venture capital returns by supporting and enhancing community banks' competitiveness and growth. Community banks play a critically important role in our national economy and society. They help people build businesses, create jobs, and support non-profit organizations in their local communities.

Our investment thesis is rooted in a fundamental belief that community banks can and should adopt technology to fulfill three core strategic imperatives: (i) grow the bank through accumulating deposits and expanding products and services; (ii) gain greater and more real-time insight and intelligence about customers and within the bank's four walls; and, (iii) drive operating efficiency in the back-office, regulatory, and compliance workflows.  

With these three themes in mind, The BHB Fund seeks to invest in technology companies that help community banks enhance their value-proposition to their Main St. customers, expand their breadth of product and services, and increase their operational efficiency.

The BHB Fund Investment Committee is a multi-disciplinary group of senior executives including Christopher Williston VI, CEO of the Independent Bankers Association of Texas, Dave Mayo, CEO of FedFis, and James Dreibelbis, CEO of Woodforest National Bank. Once an investment is made, the Fund and its strategic partners can provide operational support and sales and distribution assistance that ultimately help the Fund generate top quartile venture capital returns.

Our Partners

We are fortunate to have a team of strategic partners and investors working with us on this mission including The Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT), the largest community banking association in the US , FedFis, the leading community banking data, analytics, and advisory firm, Bankers Helping Bankers, the leading bankers only community, and Camden Fine, former CEO of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA).
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Our Investors

Our Limited Partners have the dual benefit of: (i) driving investment return via exposure to a diversified and professionally managed portfolio of Fintech companies; and, (ii) being part of their own "community" where we can engage in a two-way dialogue about FinTech trends, the regulatory environment, and solutions-focused approach to the most pressing opportunities and challenges community banks are facing where technology can be applied in a powerful and cost-effective manner.

Our limited partners are primarily community banks representing multiple states ranging from $250m to $10bn in assets and strategic limited partners, both focused on the long-term success of the community banking sector.

"Woodforest National Bank is thrilled to partner with the Bankers Helping Bankers Fund. Not only does our bank have access to curated and vetted fintech companies to support our operating efficiency and competitiveness, but we also stand to drive the broader community banking ecosystem growth through our investment in this focused, fintech Fund. This investment will benefit our bank and our consumer and business clients across Texas."
James Dreibelbis, CEO Woodforest National Bank.

We greatly appreciate the support of our investors including:

Why Choose
The BHB Fund?

In addition to providing Fintech entrepreneurs with capital to accelerate their growth, the BHB fund provides 4 key differentiators:

Deep Operating Experience

The BHB Fund team has extensive operating experience building and scaling technology companies. The Managing Partners have held CEO and CFO roles in addition to their extensive experience in investing, investment banking, and equity research.

Extensive Knowledge

The BHB Fund team combined with its strategic partners brings unmatched knowledge across the banking, financial technology, and regulatory sectors.

Proprietary Data

The BHB Fund is the only  data-driven Fintech venture fund with proprietary datasets on every bank, credit union, core processor, fintech and BaaS provider in the US – providing competitive intelligence before  we invest and sales insights for portfolio companies after we invest.

Extensive Network

Together with our partners, IBAT, FedFis, and Bankers Helping Bankers, the BHB Fund has built an extensive network of expertise in community banking, financial technology, regulatory matters, and operating growth companies. This network allows the Fund to understand community bank challenges and opportunities, invest in technologies and services to solve those challenges and capture upside demand, and work directly with founders to drive business outcomes.

Our Focus

The BHB Fund targets late Seed and Series A stage investment opportunities in companies with subscription business models (SaaS, BaaS, etc.) that have achieved initial product-market fit and require capital and strategic partnership to accelerate growth, expand their product roadmap, and strengthen their go-to-market reach.

We are focused primarily on:

Banking technology


Regulatory technology

Data, Analytics and Intelligence

Back-office/business process applications

Our Portfolio

We back proven management teams that are not only seeking capital but value a strategic partnership with the BHB Fund and its partner ecosystem.
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Our team

The BHB Fund is managed by Latitude 38 Venture Partners. Latitude38 Venture Partners is a venture capital company founded by Neeraj Vohra and Richard Leggett. The Bankers Helping Bankers Fund is Latitude38 Venture Partners initial fund. The BHB Fund’s team has extensive experience in all aspects of leading and operating technology companies, investing, investment banking, and equity research.
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